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Cancellation policy

Cancel a Booking

5.1. The (E.U.-)right of withdrawal is not applicable to (short) stays. Your Booking is therefore binding. However, You can cancel Your Booking provided that You adhere to the cancellation amounts as set out in the next paragraph. The remainder will be paid back to You within thirty (30) days after cancellation.


# days, months or hours before Short Stay % of Amount still due
More than one (1) month 0%
Less than one (1) month and more than fourteen (14) days 15%
Less than fourteen (14) days and more than seven (7) days 35%
Less than seven (7) days and more than three (3) days 60%
Less than three (3) days and more than 24 (twenty-four) hours 85%
Less than 24 (twenty-four) hours 100%


5.3. In case Short Stay Provider has its own cancellation policy, Their policy prevails. However, in most cases, with Short Stay Providers We agreed upon the cancellation policy as set out in the previous paragraph.

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