About Short Stay Citizens

Short Stay Citizens is an initiative of the team at Global Citizens and a response to burgeoning demand for short-stay solutions on the part of internationally-minded people who are either relocating for work purposes or otherwise seeking a new adventure.

Global nomads, cosmopolitans, 'semigrants' and global citizens are not after a holiday; their objective is a hassle-free stay in a location that appeals to them in some way at a level of comfort to which they are accustomed.

Short Stay Citizens has been designed and set up in such a way that we are able to dispense with the unnecessary hassle and ensure the comfort you deserve, all to make things run as smoothly as possible and give you peace of mind.


Company history

The idea of a platform that could connect professionals to find serviced apartments of high quality was developed by a group of 4 friends in 2007. Few years after, in 2015, the business idea was turned into practice and Short Stay Citizens was founded. The company quickly started to establish partnerships with providers in different locations in the Netherlands, but also in Zurich and London and many other areas around the world. Today, the company still continues to employ its resources in finding the best providers thanks to a set of criteria that was chosen by the company.


Our vision is to facilitate and improve our clients’ global lifestyles by providing a unified and centralized global booking platform for serviced apartments. We aim to do this by providing top-quality customer service that is exclusively dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ needs by making sure their stay is compliant and hassle-free.

Our mission is to present a wide variety of high-end serviced apartments worldwide curated and managed by our professional providers. We aim to provide accommodation solutions for all global travellers, corporate businesses, and individuals, who are travelling for a lifestyle or work. These are global nomads who are learning to see the benefits of ‘living as a service’ and want to set their own conditions for living.  Therefore, we, at Short Stay Citizens, strive to have a broader network of professional and exclusive hospitality providers who can cater to the needs of the global nomad. That is why, if we have it, you know it’s good!

Short Stay Citizens

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General enquiries: info@shortstaycitizens.com

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