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Our pillars

We have introduced pillars to our service as a way to match an apartment to the personal preferences of the client.

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About our pillars:

Stay High

Stay High category combines a selection of properties in high-rise buildings that give you amazing views of the cities and their skylines around the globe. These properties are located on the upper floors, offering privacy, tranquillity, a feel of open space, together with spectacular panoramic views. Quite often, properties offer access to a rooftop or a balcony, thus, making the lack of a garden irrelevant and allowing to relax and throw a nice party while looking down on the city. Perfect for people who enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, open spaces, and privacy. Stay High category properties are mainly located in the central areas of cities, therefore they’re perfect for professionals. Additionally, amenities in these properties usually include housekeeping, catering, valet parking, and even in-room spa services, perfect for creating a lifestyle like no other.

Stay Central

Stay Central category is designed for people, who like to stay central at all times. Energetic, diverse, loud, and often eclectic – staying central means being surrounded by vibrant cultures and engaging with local communities. Art galleries and music venues, amazing restaurants and bars, parks and shopping streets – it’s all there. There is certainly no lack of activities, and you can easily find something to match your personal interests. Central properties offer great infrastructure and easy access to all public transportation, including airports, stations, or – if you’d like – bike-sharing stations, making your commutes shorter. It’s perfect for those who still must travel during their stay, whether it’s for work, or maybe to visit the family. Other than that, it’s also much easier to enjoy your nights out, as you don’t have to worry about catching a taxi on a late Friday night.
Perfect if you like socializing, going out, and want to spare yourself from long commutes.

Stay Local

If you like to explore and engage in the local vibe – the selection of Stay Cool properties is just for you. Little bakeries, locally brewed coffees, boutique shops, the quirkiest people and street clatter – it‘s all just outside the door. It‘s for people who like to make everywhere they travel their home and stay local. Get to know your neighbours and the charm of the community. Staying in these properties is great for families and young professionals. It‘s never boring and always engaging, and cars are only optional – you can reach everything you desire by foot.

Stay Chic

Staying Chic is designed for people with a particularly stylish sense of living. Easy access to culture, inside and outside. Properties in this category are located close to museums, theatres, art galleries, designer shops, and the best restaurants, where you can enjoy a nice dinner with your family or business partner. Elegant neighbourhoods and stylishly fashionable properties selected especially for people who enjoy a high-quality living.

Stay Together

Stay Together category is tailored for people travelling with their families. These properties provide more space for living, are located in safe and quiet neighbourhoods and provide an easy access to schools, public spaces and parks, and all other family-oriented amenities. Family-friendly neighbourhoods are vibrant and relaxed, and they offer easy mobility – bicycle lanes, school transport, and low traffic speeds. It will ensure the comfort and let you enjoy your time together with your family.

Stay Royal

Stay Royal is a collection of hotel suites, designed for fans of an incredibly luxury lifestyle. They provide you with all the privacy you need, are extremely spacious, giving you all the space you need, combined with the comfort of a hotel. Other than that, the interiors simply take your breath away and the highest-quality services are definitely included. All you lack is a crown.

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