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Short Stay Citizens for Businesses

We provide carefully selected apartments from trusted partners.

These apartments are an excellent solution for travelling employees of your company in any city in the world.
Our careful selection process allows us to offer only the best quality apartments at competitive rates.

10 Benefits

1: Unique and Personal

Apartments and locations are carefully selected based on your preferences and personality.

2. Time-saving

Short Stay Citizens will do the work for you, instead of going through dozens of booking channels, you tell us your wishes and we will provide you with 3-5 options which will match your needs, guaranteed.

3. Best value for money

We guarantee that the value of your money will match the quality of the accommodation.

4. High accommodations norms

We carefully select apartments for our services based on high service apartments criteria. Therefore, you will expect the best of the best housing anywhere in the world. We will make sure that you will not experience any discomfort during your stay.

5. Carefully selected accommodations

We only provide high-quality accommodations carefully selected according to our demanding quality criteria. We only make use of professionally managed serviced apartments; therefore, you won’t experience any unpleasantness regarding safety, security, hygiene or otherwise.

6. Great customer support

Our team is dedicated to customer support: That is why we have a high response rate and can make arrangements easily by phone or email.

7. Global coverage

Our current portfolio consists of more than 50.000 apartments worldwide and we are continuously adding more quality apartments to our inventory.

8. 24/7 overview/accessibility

You can easily view and manage your bookings in MY SHORT STAY account.

9. Free of charge

Requesting an inquiry is completely free of charge.

10. Easy booking steps.

See below for explanation.


Step 1

Send an inquiry directly online to check availability. Alternatively, you can call or email your request.

Search & select

Step 2

We search and select 3-5 tailor made options that matches your (or your employees) wishes.

Review & book

Step 3

Enter your (or your employees) missing details and special requests, review the options and make a choice.

Receive confirmation

Step 4

Receive a conformation e-mail.

Get a response

Step 5

Receive an e-mail from our reservations department within one working day.

Make the payment

Step 6

Finalize your booking with the payment.

Booking confirmed

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