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Stay compliant

We provide carefully selected apartments from trusted partners.

These apartments are an excellent solution for travelling employees of your company in any city in the world.
Our careful selection process allows us to offer only the best quality apartments at competitive rates.

Strict compliance standards

Serviced apartment market continues to grow and expand rapidly over the globe. With the growing number of short stay housing options, it is important to have strict compliance standards in order to ensure quality and legal safety for both, customer and the provider.

Short Stay Citizens continue to work with professional serviced apartment providers to ensure industry recognized compliance standards. We always make sure that with the growing number of legislative requirements towards commercial residences our providers can demonstrate responsibility and confidence in levels of compliance in their properties, including health and safety, fire, gas, electrical safety, theft prevention, etc.

We pride ourselves on working to provide a safe environment for our guests and ensure you that the properties we utilise are compliant and offer full legal safety.

Quality apartments

Curated serviced apartments tailored for corporate travelers’ needs.

Carefully selected providers

We carefully select providers who meet our criteria to ensure our customers are provided with the best quality.

Safety and legal security

We ensure full legal security throughout the booking process and your entire stay.